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We Love Diamonds Featured In The Express Newspaper

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Thanks to our market-leading position and gravitas in the luxury diamond jewellery world then it's always nice to get featured and quoted in one of the major national newspapers. This month our Co-Founder and CEO, Dylan Pemberton, was asked by the Express Newspaper to give our expert insight into King Charles III's role as the new custodian of the Crown Jewellery Collection. You can learn more about this particular subject in one of our recent blogs here. You can read the full article in the Express here or see it below and, just to update this blog since we first published it, we subsequently featured twice more in The Express newspaper that same week and you can read both of those articles here and here).

We're big fans of the Express as a newspaper, especially as they've always provided excellent coverage on the royal jewellery collection (which we find fascinating) plus they also regularly feature compelling news about luxury diamond jewellery and the market as a whole so we very much look forward to continuing to provide them and our other media partners with our expert views, thought leadership and incisive opinions on future article collaborations. Note: Since we published this blog, we have yet again been featured twice more as experts in The Express and you can read both of those other articles on their website by clicking the images below or see it in our other blog pieces on those articles here and here.

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