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We can list scores of reasons why you're always better off buying from We Love Diamonds and hopefully we've littered all of our main features and benefits right across our website. However, you can learn more here about all the completely unique elements of our service that dramatically sets us apart from our competitors.


We have a number of innovative "buy now pay later" finance options available including Clearpay, Klarna and PayPal which all allow you to spread your payments at checkout in easy, bite-sized chunks on most purchases up to at least £2,000. This is always completely interest-free and most applications are accepted. Learn more here.

We Love Diamonds accept a raft of other payments options including credit and debit card payments from virtually all major providers (including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Electron, Maestro, Cartes Bancaires, JCB, China Union Pay and Discover), iDeal, AliPay, cash, bank transfer, cheque, telephone payment and more. 

We are also ready to accept cryptocurrency within a matter of 24 hours via Pinwheel and other providers.

If you have any questions about payments or how to square the circle to make an item you want affordable then please do feel free to just pick up the phone and call our friendly team on 0800 987 7100 and we'll do our level best to help you. We have, for example, finance partners on standby who can finance purchases of up to £30,000 (and who do so within 24 hours).


Choosing a diamond can be a minefield as there are a lot of different variables to assess when choosing one, not least your budget and vision. We systematically select and assess thousands of diamonds every year so rest assured, as experts, we understand precisely what diamonds need to be used on any given piece of diamond jewellery. Many pieces we sell have a wide range of different options so you always can choose the best item for your needs. We're here for you every step of the way.

In the resources section of our website we have created an expert Diamond Buying Guide for you which you can see here or you can download our free PDF guide here.


Simple. Because we're not greedy. Most high street and other online retailers artificially inflate their jewellery prices by 5 to 20 times their real value (and sometimes more). Diametrically, we offer the same luxury natural diamond jewellery direct to you at wholesale prices. Our business model is specifically designed to deliver customer delight and win repeat business so we're only interested in building long-term relationships with our customers and not immediately profiteering from them. That's precisely why we laser focus in on honesty, aftercare, quality & remarkable value.

We hate seeing people spend £10k on a diamond ring from a high street jeweller that we would have sold, with a fair margin, for around £2k - £3k. We'd rather see that same customer either save themselves money or, even better, spend the same amount but get an item that's up to five time better and more valuable. And then have them come back to us again!

We Love Diamonds are a lean and agile business and we don't carry enormous overheads like high street retailers do. In doing business with We Love Diamonds you’re only ever dealing direct with master jewellers and craftspeople and never with commissioned salespeople. By thinking long term and not being avaricious, by avoiding high street overheads and by cutting out middlemen, We Love Diamonds are always able to offer luxury diamond jewellery at the lowest possible margins while maintaining the highest service and quality standards. That's all underscored by our unique market experience, our global diamond contacts and our huge economies of scale. These factors all converge to allow us to always retail all our natural diamond jewellery at the very best rates. Our hope is that you'll come back for more and that mentality is working for as over 90% of our global business is from repeat, happy clients.


Give yourself a high five because you've done the impossible! In the highly unlikely event you ever do find the exact same product priced lower elsewhere online then we will not only match that price for you but we will beat it by a further 5% up to a maximum total value of £500. We'll then look to permanently adjust that particular items price for the benefit of all future customers. It hasn't happened yet though...


No, we do not sell lab diamonds. And we will never do so. Lab diamonds are fake diamonds. We love diamonds so much that it's in our name.

​​Real, natural and authentic diamonds are incredibly rare, timeless and individually unique. Natural diamonds are up to 3.5 billion years old, are formed up to 500 miles deep in the Earth’s mantle and are one-of-a-kind, eternal items with immeasurable beauty. They have a completely tangible and appreciable value and are a portable and reliable currency.

Lab-created diamonds on the other hand (synthetic diamonds/fake diamonds) are merely lab-grown, mostly in China. They are mass-produced in heavily industrialised factories in no more than a few weeks. They literally have zero resale value. Buying a lab diamond is like buying a cheap imitation Louis Vuitton handbag as an investment. It isn’t. You know it's fake, others know it’s fake and the fact is that no how good an imitation it is or how you much you paid for it - you cannot sell it on as a genuine Louis Vuitton handbag because it's intrinsically worthless. It's a fugazi.

The costs to buy lab-made diamonds are plummeting because they're being absolutely churned out and the cost to manufacture them dramatically decreases every day. This means by the time you attempt to resell them, brand new ones can be manufactured for less than the price you bought your original lab diamond for in the first place. This is a critical reason why they have no genuine resale value. It's a house of cards. There is quite literally nothing rare, romantic or even remotely distinctive about an artificially and mass-produced lab-grown diamond and since there is no limit to how many of them can be made and sold (compared to the finite and ever-dwindling reserves of real, authentic, natural diamonds) then their price will only ever continue to plummet due to over-commercialisation and greed. 

Lab diamonds do not even refract and reflect light the same way as a natural diamond does and their (artificial) gemmological characteristics are often manipulated with techniques like laser drilling (to remove inclusions), the application of sealants (to fill cracks) and the use of other treatments to improve their otherwise yellowy colour grade. Despite the misleading hype, their creation requires the use of enormous amounts of energy, chemicals and harmful waste so they're certainly not eco-friendly in any way, shape or form.

The bottom line is this - natural diamonds and diamond jewellery have perpetual value and beauty. Lab grown, fake diamonds have no future value at all. You may as well go buy an imitation diamond made from materials like cubic zirconia and silicon carbide for less than the price of a cup of coffee instead because a fake is still a fake. Unless you want the emperors new clothes then please say no to artificial, fake, lab made diamonds.


We don't and we won't sell plated jewellery. Gold plating (and most other precious metal plating) is like putting lipstick on a pig so we absolutely do not sell gold plated jewellery and we question the motivations of anyone online who does!

It may look legit to the untrained eye (and perhaps good for in-the-moment, casual jewellery) but passing off inferior gold/silver plated items of jewellery as being any kind of good investment let alone any kind of good value purchase is absolutely wrong. There's so little gold in plated jewellery that it shouldn't even be allowed to use the word gold. Here are the facts. 24 carat gold is pure gold which contains no other metals. That however is usually too soft for use with most jewellery which is why we mostly use 18 carat gold instead (which contains 75% gold - the rest is comprised of other precious metals like copper or silver). We Love Diamonds also use 14 carat gold or 9 carat gold (or other precious metals like platinum) depending on the piece and what kind of design, strength and durability is needed for the items design. You'll be absolutely shocked to learn that a gold plated piece of jewellery usually has less than 0.05% of it's overall weight comprised of actual gold. That's just 1 piece of gold for every 2,000 parts of other stuff!

Ultimately, gold plating tarnishes easily, it wears off quickly and it can't stand up to wear, water or heat over time. It's utterly false economy with no return on investment potential. And it looks as cheap as it is.

We Love Diamonds only sell fully certified, GIA graded diamonds and UK hallmarked precious metals which are always 9 carat, 14 carat or 18 carat gold (or we use other solid precious metal such as platinum where specified).

Ultimately, we're trying to bridge the gap for consumers in having to choose between quality natural diamond jewellery and the often mass produced and almost worthless plated items just on account of their budget and fancy (yet frequently misleading) high street jewellery advertising. We believe that the more competitive our own prices are versus the overblown and inflated prices of the mass market jewellery offered by all the usual suspects (who we're happy to expose) then the easier it is for us to bridge that gap. In doing so, we want to enable consumers to access affordable price points and get genuine value for money for quality diamond jewellery.


Categorically yes. Diamonds are forever and so should be the right to freedom, security and happiness. Exercising a strong social conscience in terms of our environmental and social responsibilities is a core value of ours and ultimately it's just good business because it's what consumers demand.

Ethically sourced, highly-vetted & conflict-free diamonds with complete provenance and the use of fair-trade gold and precious metals are simply not up for debate with us. All of our diamonds are transparently obtained from top-tier suppliers working to the Kimberley Process Scheme and we never use or buy rough diamonds which have not been cut by a participant of the Kimberley Process. 

Thanks to considerable efforts in recent years, over 99% of diamonds in the marketplace are now empirically conflict-free and we'll continue to play our own part in getting that figure even closer to 100%.

Furthermore, to help fight climate change, we help fund next-generation carbon removal by donating a small part of every payment made via Stripe (our primary payment gateway) to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. It’s a small but important step in We Love Diamonds social and corporate responsibility and this is something that we will be ramping-up over time by gradually increasing the amount that we donate from each sale in line with our turnover. We Love Diamonds is committed to doing whatever we can to support sustainability and we have a number of other exciting initiatives in place to underpin this mentality.

Finally, for the foreseeable future, we will not be purchasing or using any Russian diamonds and this has been our position since day one of the conflict in Ukraine. You'd be very surprised to learn that in our industry we practically stand alone in this iron-clad commitment.


Relax - we've got you! With We Love Diamonds you don't ever need to worry.

Firstly, we'd like to stress that all our diamond jewellery will be sent to you already sized to your precise specification. We also provide a free ring, bracelet and necklace sizing guide with all purchases/deliveries. Nevertheless, if you let us know at the time of your order if you need a bespoke size (such as a half size like a bespoke size somewhere between two standard sizes) then we will happily do this for you free of charge before we even send you your item(s). Post-delivery we will also be happy to provide you with a completely free size adjustment on your ring purchase should that be required (subject to our terms and conditions listed here).

If you do not know the ring size you want at the time of your order then we allow you to simply select "unknown" as the ring size during your checkout process and we then simply supply your ring in the standard/average size of 51 to 53 mm. As soon as you receive your ring and are then able to determine the correct size required, you can just return it to us for a free re-size if needed. Simples.


All of our terms and conditions and our full and detailed return policy can be found here


Yes, we're proud to offer a free 5 year guarantee on all our diamond jewellery against manufacturing and processing defects. Any other issues and we'll always do our best to help. We've got a state-of-the-art jewellery design and repair workshop so rest assured, there's very little we cannot do!


No. We're simply not interested in ever profiting from simply sending you the the goods you've just kindly purchased from us! We Love Diamonds offers secure, expedited, fully guaranteed and fully insured shipping worldwide and always do so for free. All our diamond jewellery is presented in luxury packaging including premium jewellery boxes, a free ring / bracelet / necklace sizing guide plus a free valuation certificate. The only exception to this is if you want some kind of bespoke delivery option like express overnight delivery by courier. In those rare scenarios, we'll always facilitate this for you at cost.


Yes. Always. We want you to be 100% satisfied and secure with all your purchases and We Love Diamonds are committed to helping make sure you get your diamonds and diamond jewellery properly insured so that you can look to recover the full replacement high street price should it get lost, damaged or stolen. We also want you to have all the official credibility and for the authenticity and retail value of your jewellery should you ever wish to sell it in the future. Therefore, the professional insurance valuation we supply (contained on your free luxury 2GB USB memory stick that comes inside a free pen with your purchase) is based on the true RRP value amount which is not necessarily the (lower) amount you paid including any savings or discounts. All value(s) include VAT at 20% where relevant.

We supply all our customers with a professional valuation certificate for each and every purchase listing the full details of your diamond jewellery/ diamond(s), their professionally assessed high street retail value (which will always be more than what you have purchased it for as we always sell our items at well below market value) and full confirmation of the properties of the diamond and precious metal in terms of UK Hallmark, GIA grading etc. All our diamond jewellery is already fully hallmarked where relevant.

Furthermore, we guarantee that we have complete and unequivocal information about every single diamond we ever sell including the exact properties, specifications and relevant certification. Since much of our jewellery is comprised of multiple diamonds (sometimes dozens or even scores of diamonds), we obviously cannot supply GIA certificates for each individual diamond. However, for diamond jewellery featuring large single stones (or small numbers of stones), we can/will supply the individual GIA Certificates if required. Please contact us on or call 0800 987 7100 to facilitate this (as additional fees may apply for the certificate depending on the stones value and the number of stones).


Yes we do - we have a range of packages available and you can also learn more by visiting our resource page here or by downloading our free PDF guide on buying loose cut investment diamonds.

Loose cut natural diamonds are the perfect mobile financial asset and they are an excellent form of tangible currency that can be purchased completely confidentially from us. 

If this is something you're interested in then please contact us on 0800 987 7100 to discuss your needs. 


Yes we do and they are available to purchase here in a variety of denominations. Feel free to contact us on or call our team on 0800 987 7100 (+44 800 987 7100 if you're calling from outside the UK) with any questions.

We Love Diamonds Gift Cards are usually sent digitally to you but we are happy to print and post them to you should you require this - please let us know if you do. For your additional assurance, our Gift Cards are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase.  


We're all about customer engagement and building long-lasting relationships with our clients. Anyone who subscribes to us with their email address will receive a unique voucher to get £50 off any future purchase of £500 or more that you subsequently make after your first initial purchase.

How this works in practice is simple - you just apply that complimentary voucher for £50 off the total value of the item(s) you next purchase (as long as you spend £500 or more). You obviously must have already made an initial purchase to qualify for this very special offer.

In subscribing you will also receive a superfluity of other exclusive offers, special deals and unique discounts so we strongly recommend you do so now at the bottom of this page.


Outside of the very rare/bespoke scenarios listed below then what you see is always precisely what you pay and there are no additional taxes or charges. The prices advertised for our diamond jewellery and investment diamonds are the total price you will pay. Where VAT is applicable in the UK, that is already factored into our price and fully paid by us accordingly to HMRC. Our delivery to you is always free.

The only possible exceptions to this guarantee are as follows:

  • That you agree in advance some kind of unique element to your purchase such as the creation or adaptation of a bespoke item by us or for the express overnight courier delivery of your item (for which there would be a small additional charge). 

  • You purchase your item(s) on finance using any of the finance options available or that we may make available to you. In any scenario where that finance may not be interest free or if you make a late payment then you may obviously pay an additional cost over time to that provider.

  • Depending on your payment method you may incur payment and/or transfer charges from your provider (such as interest from a credit card provider). This is obviously beyond our control and done so at your own discretion. 

  • If you are purchasing from outside the UK and are paying in a different currency, we always charge the net UK sterling value and you are liable for any currency fluctuations, Depending on the prevailing rate of your chosen currency versus the pound then this may well work in your favour.

  • If your delivery address is outside of the UK then you may potentially be subject to customs charges. When you buy products that are sold and shipped from outside your own country then you are sometimes potentially responsible for paying additional import taxes and duties based on the laws of the particular country into which the products are being delivered to. We Love Diamonds have no control over these charges and we cannot predict what they may or may not be. While this is usually a non-issue please do be aware that customs policies can vary wildly from country to country and are subject to change at any time, especially given fluid scenarios like Brexit. If necessary, you should always contact your local customs office for further information. However, as long as any such import charge is evidenced to us after you have paid it, we are unique in in our industry because we will usually refund most or all of any additional costs you have paid in line with our terms and conditions.


For your safety. While the inside of your packaging may be fully branded and luxurious, it wouldn't be very smart of us to splatter the word diamonds all over the outside of your external packaging! Given the fact we are sending expensive diamond jewellery to you then this is of course done for security purposes and these safety measures are followed through in the way we complete the external shipping information in terms of us not expressly using the word diamonds. Rest assured, your purchases and deliveries are always fully protected, absolutely secure and fully insured. The safe, rapid and signed-for delivery of your goods is our primary concern and our ultimate responsibility.

You should however do simple things yourself like making sure you provide all the correct delivery details to us, actually checking your mail/deliveries for plain packaged items, picking up any packages you may have missed that are subsequently being held by any postal partner, being sure not to put the name We Love Diamonds on the packaging of items you return to us (as that is obviously a security risk) and being sure to only use a secure delivery address that is not accessible by any third-parties.

Please note that we always supply a pre-labelled return package for you with all purchases.


As a minimum, your purchase will be express shipped to you in plain packaging with all of the following:

  • Your diamond jewellery in a luxury branded box (or, for loose cut investment diamond purchases, within a luxury branded velvet pouch)

  • A branded writing pen which contains a removable 2GB USB memory stuck inside it which is loaded with all your personalised information (including your valuation certificate, warranty, guides, terms & conditions, any vouchers etc.) 

  • Branded bag with branded ribbon

  • Tissue paper & branded sticker

  • Customer instructions for returns and accessing the USB

  • Compliments slip

  • Tamper-proof returns packaging with pre-printed address label already affixed


Our webshop accepts credit/debit card payments from all major providers and banks including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Electron, Maestro, China Union Pay, JCB, Diners, CartesBancaires and Discover. We can take payments over the phone or in person from most of the same providers.

As previously highlighted, we offer a variety of buy now, pay later options from Clearpay, Klarna and PayPal Pay in 3.


We are set-up to receive payments in cryptocurrency whenever we choose to go live with this feature and can thus be ready to accept payment by bitcoin and most other forms of cryptocurrency within approximately 24 hours subject to demand from our customers (via Pinweel). Please contact us on 0800 987 7100 or email us to discuss this option should you wish to make a payment in this currency or in any other recognised cryptocurrency.


Yes. As well as our interest-free, buy now, pay later options from Clearpay, Klarna and PayPal plus all the other options mentioned previously like credit/debit card, we also accept cash payments of up to €10,000 per individual transaction. Larger individual cash payments are still acceptable but they are subject to us completing the appropriate anti-money laundering measures. Delivery/handover of goods will only be expedited once your cash payment has been physically accepted by our bank. We also accept payment by cheque, with or without a guarantee card, and bank transfer. Again, delivery of goods will only be expedited once we have received cleared funds i.e. once your cheque / payment has been fully cleared by our bank.


We Love Diamonds do buy gold at highly competitive market rates and if this is being used against/towards the value a purchase of diamond jewellery from us then you will enjoy an extra-premium rate from us - in these instances we typically send you a unique voucher code for the agreed extra value. ​

We will, at our sole discretion and subject to examination and professional valuation by us, consider trade-ins of your existing diamond jewellery against the purchase of new luxury diamond jewellery from us.

In both cases, please contact our team on 0800 987 7100 or email us on to discuss your requirements and we will walk you through the process.


Yes. Even with our smallest diamonds, the absolute minimum colour/clarity of the diamonds we use in our diamond jewellery is always at least G SI1 with excellent "eye-cleanliness" and we of course go right up to flawless, grade D colour, especially with our investment diamonds and bespoke jewellery items. Not only do we have access to over 2,000 stock designs/items to start with but any design can be made to a different specification or diamond colour/clarity combination so the selection of classic, timeless pieces that are available to you from We Love Diamonds is virtually limitless. Just reach out to us with any requests you have in this area.

If you really want to get underneath all the possible specifications of any diamond then feel free to check out our diamond buying guide here or download the PDF here.


Firstly, make sure your diamond jewellery is always fully and adequately insured! You should check with your home contents provider that the item(s) are covered on your existing policy as, especially with expensive items, you may need to increase your cover. Our free valuation certificate will certainly help you in this area and you can learn more about insuring your jewellery in our blog here.

Next is storing your jewellery when you’re not wearing it. Not only should you consider basic security factors but other obvious things like keeping your jewellery away from high or low temperatures and moisture (so keep it all away from radiators, windows and bathrooms). You should use the original jewellery box provided wherever possible or even a purpose made velvet lined jewellery box (but try to only place one piece of jewellery in each section of it).

Bracelets and necklaces in particular can get kinked and damaged if they’re not stored correctly so you should always lie them flat and/or keep them mounted in their original jewellery box. Keep any clasp fastened to help avoid getting the item tangled. Many people wrap their jewellery in something like soft tissue paper for added protection and to avoid certain types of precious metal tarnishing when exposed to air.

While yellow and rose gold easily can be polished to look brand new, white gold needs a little more loving care as it is coated/plated in rhodium (a member of the platinum family of precious metals) to give the gold it’s beautiful white sheen. Although it is very hard wearing, the coating will, over time and with use, begin to wear and perhaps reveal a yellowy tone. In such instances, you will need to take the item to a jewellers with a specialist jewellery workshop to re-coat your item. Solid platinum is actually really great to care for as it is harder, denser, heavier and rarer than gold and is highly resistant to discolouring, tarnishing and marking.

All your diamond jewellery will need cleaning on account of the build-up of oils and other dirt and contaminants that occur during day-to-day wear. Before cleaning any piece of diamond jewellery, you should examine it carefully to make sure that any claws are still firm and that the diamonds integrity is in place i.e. that none of the stones are loose or moving in their setting. If there are any issues take it to a professional jewellery workshop for cleaning and repair without delay.

Although there are plenty of precious metal cleaning solutions available to purchase we recommend that, outside of professional cleaning by an expert jeweller, you simply soak your gold or platinum diamond jewellery in a bowl of lukewarm water containing a few drops of washing-up liquid for about 20 to 40 minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. Once you have removed the jewellery from the bowl just lightly scrub it with a soft kids toothbrush 

  2. Focus on scrubbing the setting of the diamond(s) and any hard-to-reach cavities in the designwork

  3. Rinse it thoroughly and dry a with a cotton or lined cloth (never paper towels as they can scratch your jewellery)

  4. Buff it with a jewellery cloth / polishing cloth

  5. Be careful to not catch any of the items claws while you are doing any of this (or drop it down the plughole!)

Another top tip is that if your diamond(s) are really dirty you can pre-soak them in a shot glass of vodka for a few hours as vodka is a distilled ethanol based spirit which helps loosen and dissolve any dirt stuck to the diamond. Once removed from the vodka, let the piece air dry and then just clean normally as previously described in the simple steps above.

If in doubt always get your jewellery cleaned by a professional as it costs next to nothing. Do not ever use anything to clean your jewellery which contains bleach (as this will damage the precious metal), do not use acetones and do not clean it with anything abrasive like toothpaste or bicarbonate soda as that could scratch the metal, the diamond or both.


Simple - because every piece of diamond jewellery you see in our store are all genuine and real photographs of actual diamonds and diamond jewellery and not graphic designed, CGI rendered, artificial images like you will see everywhere else! Our customers want to see the actual product and not a highly doctored and artificial representation of one - we think that's just misleading, especially when you're buying online. If you're buying a piece of luxury diamond jewellery from a CGI designed imagery you should definitely think twice about doing so!

We would like to stress just how difficult and challenging it actually is to photograph diamonds naturally for obvious reasons. We could use professional product photographers but it's very expensive to do so (and we're constantly adding new products so it adds a whole layer of complexity) and we'd have to factor that additional and unnecessary cost into our retail price. Ultimately we'd rather not pay for this because our customers come to us for the best possible value and we are a lean, agile business who exist to offer the lowest possible prices. We enjoy taking our own images of our own luxury diamond jewellery anyway and we think they're all really good!

To be clear - unlike most providers who present you with digitally created, artificial, CGI images of jewellery on their webshops and social media, ALL our images are all the real deal. All diamond jewellery is photographed by us and no We Love Diamonds webshop imagery is ever edited or touched-up in Photoshop to manipulate or misrepresent them. The only thing we ever adapt is the lighting since, as stated, diamonds are notoriously difficult to photograph given their facets, light refraction etc.

A fake CGI image will, by design, not ever display any imperfections. However, any imperfections you ever think you may see in our own imagery is most likely just dust (as most imperfections are not visible to the naked eye anyway which is why we examine them under 10x magnification or above). Even if you do ever spot a minor imperfection, please do remember that you are typically looking at a gigantic sized image of the diamond and are thus not seeing how it actually presents in the real world!

Ultimately, we're diamond experts, not professional photographers but we do hope that our product images accurately reflect the stunning beauty and supreme quality of our diamond jewellery. Our customers often send us pictures of them wearing our diamond jewellery and this is something we really love to see!


Diamond mining is typically far, far less harmful to the environment than other types of mining and this is especially so with our responsibly sourced diamonds. Modern natural diamond mining is actually done under very stringent environmental controls which are strictly enforced by local governments and communities and these include the mining operations having to offset all of their environmental impacts with wide-scale conservation programmes. Ultimately, none of the diamond mining conglomerates like De Beers, Rio Tinto, Alrosa or anyone else want to damage the diamonds they're trying to mine in any way so trust us - they are, by design, very careful!

However, we do recognise that diamond mining can can still cause some damage to the environment in terms of some level of carbon emissions. As a socially responsible business, We Love Diamonds are helping to fight climate change with virtually every purchase by helping to fund next-generation carbon removal. We donate a small part of every payment made via Stripe (our primary payment gateway) to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. It’s a small but important step in We Love Diamonds social and corporate responsibility and this is something that we will be ramping-up over time by gradually increasing the amount we donate from each sale.

We Love Diamonds is committed to doing whatever we can to support sustainability and we have a number of other exciting initiatives in place to underpin this mentality. 


Not in a way that affects you the customer and, in fact, the current geo-political situation may actually afford you some tertiary benefits in terms of potentially higher than normal resale values of your diamond jewellery and/or investment diamonds. Also, despite our own higher purchase costs for diamonds, we have not and will not be increasing our own prices which are already the very best on the market.

Let us be crystal clear - for ethical reasons as much as anything else, We Love Diamonds are not sourcing or knowingly selling any diamonds from Russia whatsoever nor will we be doing so for the foreseeable future (and potentially forever depending on how the current situation develops). This has been our position since day one of the conflict in Ukraine. Sadly, you'd be surprised just how few other diamond jewellery brands have stepped-up in this area.

It's important to understand the global diamond market since it has a direct (and positive) effect on the value of your own diamonds and diamond jewellery. Global diamond reserves are continually being depleted parallel to big increases in global demand creating a major shortfall in supply versus ever-growing diamond demand. De Beers have controlled a huge portion of the global diamond market since 1888 and recently stated that diamond supply has already peaked. They claim there are just 20 to 50 years of stable supply remaining unless major new diamond mines are discovered. Consequently, it’s highly probable that the price per carat will continue to spiral upwards for natural diamonds.

The already glaring gap in diamond supply has been exasperated by the global political situation with Russia to an extent since they do have the largest diamond reserves in the world. Russian owned mining company Alrosa is responsible for 90% of Russia’s diamond production and 28% of global supply. The conflict will invariably inflate values. Irrespective of of geo-politics like this, natural diamonds have very high intrinsic values and are always in high demand anyway. 

We have actually covered this subject in detail in our blog here.


No problem, just contact us below, email us on or call us on 0800 987 7100 and we'll be delighted to help you. We'll even update this FAQ with your question and answer if it helps others.

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