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With 30 years heavyweight pedigree as diamantaire's at the highest level of the international diamond business, we straddle diamond sourcing, design, distribution, retail and repair.

Our passion for diamonds, diamond jewellery craftmanship and online retail excellence has driven us to create and sell not only the very best and most exquisite high quality diamond jewellery and GIA graded diamonds anywhere but offer a truly exceptional service and online shopping experience that's disrupting the entire diamond retail space.

Our unique market experience, our global diamond contacts and our huge economies of scale mean we're always able to retail our natural diamond jewellery at well below market rates and offer you the very best diamond jewellery at wholesale prices - all with a suite of value-adds and guarantees that are simply not available elsewhere.

Please visit our "Why Choose Us" page here which showcases all the unique features and service value-adds which dramatically set us apart from our competition.

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At We Love Diamonds our unique core values are fundamental to us and crucial to our valued customers:



Unlike the high street and most online retailers, we don’t artificially inflate our diamond jewellery prices by 3 to 10 times their real market value. We instead offer luxury, natural diamond jewellery direct to you at trade prices.

Our business model is entirely designed to deliver customer delight and win repeat business so we're only interested in building long-term relationships with our customers. This is why we focus on the best diamond jewellery products at fair prices, complete transparency, remarkable aftercare, stunning quality and unparalleled service levels.

If you find the exact same product priced lower online then we will not just price match it but we will beat that price for you by a further 5% to ensure that you're always guaranteed the best online deal.


We Love Diamonds offer secure, expedited, guaranteed and fully insured free shipping worldwide and always with luxury packaging including premium jewellery boxes and a branded 2GB USB Memory Stick containing all your important documentation.

All purchases from We Love Diamonds come with free jewellery sizing guides, a full warranty and we always include official diamond jewellery valuation certificates plus GIA certification (where relevant/required). 

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With We Love Diamonds you always get a free 5 year guarantee/warranty on all our diamond jewellery against manufacturing defects plus we provide a completely free ring sizing / re-sizing service direct from our state-of-the-art jewellery design and repair workshop.

Every diamond and every piece of diamond jewellery we acquire, craft and retail is hand-picked by our expert team with extraordinary love and care. We're about total quality and accept less than 5% of the diamonds we use to make our own diamond jewellery.


Diamonds are forever and so is the right to freedom and security. Exercising a strong social conscience with our environmental and social responsibilities is a core value of We Love Diamonds. Ethically sourced, highly-vetted and conflict-free diamonds plus the use of fair-trade gold and precious metals are not up for debate with us. 

All of our diamonds are obtained from top-tier suppliers working to the Kimberley Process Scheme and we never use or buy rough diamonds which have not been cut by a participant of this process and their full provenance established and assured. 

We Love Diamonds only ever sell fully certified, GIA graded diamonds and UK hallmarked precious metals. We only sell ethical diamonds with full provenance assured and we guarantee no conflict diamonds are ever used or sold. Unlike many brands, for the foreseeable future we will not be using or selling any Russian sourced diamonds.

To help fight climate change, we fund next-generation carbon removal by donating a small part of every payment made via Stripe (our primary payment gateway) to help remove carbon from the atmosphere. This is a small but important step in We Love Diamonds social and corporate responsibility journey and is an area we will continue to direct more and more attention to as we grow.

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We will never sell lab diamonds. Ever. Authentic, natural diamonds are one-of-a-kind, eternal items. They have tangible, appreciable and intrinsic value and are a portable and reliable currency.

Artificial lab-created diamonds (synthetic diamonds/fake diamonds) are mass-produced in a few weeks or less, mostly in coal-fired Chinese mega-factories, and they literally have zero resale value. They are intrinsically worthless to start with. One of the key reasons there is no resale market for imitation, lab-made diamonds is that the cost to buy lab diamonds are plummeting as they're being churned out at a staggering scale without any cap. By the time you even attempt to resell a lab-made diamond, a brand new one can be manufactured for much less. There is nothing rare, romantic or even remotely distinctive about an artificial and mass-produced lab-grown diamond. They do not even refract and reflect light the same way as natural diamonds and their dubious gemmological characteristics are often artificially manipulated.

Natural diamonds have perpetual value and eternal beauty. Our clients want the real deal but at affordable prices.


We do not pass off inferior gold/silver plated items of jewellery as being any kind good value like most jewellers. Gold plated jewellery usually has less than 0.05% of its overall weight comprised of actual gold. ​24 carat gold on the other hand is 100% pure gold.

We Love Diamonds only use 18 carat gold (75% gold with the rest comprised of other precious metals like copper or silver), 14 carat gold or 9 carat gold (or other precious metals like platinum where specified) depending on the design, strength and durability required for the particular piece of natural diamond jewellery. 

Unlike practically every other online diamond retailer, we don't try to trick you with graphic designed, CGI images of our products. Every single one of the images in our webshop are real photographs of the actual products. To do otherwise would be misleading.

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Our unique market experience, our global diamond contacts and our huge economies of scale mean we're always able to retail our natural, luxury diamond jewellery at well below market rates and offer you the very best diamond jewellery at wholesale prices. 

We have created an agile business model to provide our customers with exceptional sales and distribution dovetailed with impeccable customer service. Avoiding the enormous overheads of the high street retailers and cutting out middlemen are both key to our ability to offer you luxury diamond jewellery at the lowest possible margins while maintaining the highest service and quality standards.


We Love Diamonds are a full member of The National Association of Jewellers (see us here) and have over 30 years of top-level experience in luxury diamond jewellery sourcing, design, manufacture, retail, assay, valuation, repair and distribution.

We are a bricks and clicks business with significant infrastructure. With us you’re always dealing direct with the stakeholders who are master jewellers and craftspeople and you are never dealing with commissioned salespeople with no diamond knowledge.

We Love Diamonds are not here to just play the existing game, we're here to change it. We want to define a new and better business model based on genuine value for customers. Expert artistry, world class service and outstanding quality control is always absolutely guaranteed alongside our unbeatable, below market prices.

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Check out our page here for a full list of all the killer reasons to buy from We Love Diamonds:

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