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NAJ Members: Welcome


To guarantee peace of mind and confidence when purchasing luxury diamond jewellery, We Love Diamonds strongly recommend that you only ever buy from an official and vetted NAJ member.

The National Jewellery Association shapes professional excellence for more than 2,000 members like us and the NAJ ensure we are a legally compliant and responsible business. Every member is required to abide by the NAJ's Code of Conduct which is based on honesty, integrity and professionalism and you can see our signed copy of this code below.

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NAJ Members: About Us
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As a full and dedicated member of the National Association of Jewellers we are strictly tethered to a comprehensive Customer Charter which includes an unwavering commitment by us to:

  1. Always act with honesty, integrity & professionalism

  2. Describe our diamond jewellery & services fully & accurately

  3. Abstain from any conduct or practice that may mislead

  4. Act responsibly & sustainably to support the NAJ’s commitment to the standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council

  5. Deal with any complaints in a timely & fair manner and, in the event of dispute, clearly explain the NAJ procedure for mediation to facilitate a timely resolution

  6. Cooperate fully with any enquiry to resolve any disputes & abide by the findings & decisions of the NAJ

NAJ Members: About Us
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