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We Love Diamonds Are In The Express Yet Again...

Yet again, it's nice to be called on for expert insight by our favourite daily newspaper, The Express, and this is just days after our other two previous features in the same paper (which you can also read in the Express here and here. This time we're discussing the Crown Jewels which you'll soon see at King Charles III's coronation including the 530.2-carat Cullinan I diamond (also known as The Great Star of Africa) and you can learn more about that beautiful piece in one of our other recent blog posts here. You can read our latest feature in The Express here or see it below:

The We Love Diamonds team are looking forward to more collaborations with The Express and various other media in the coming weeks and months - we've got a lot of big news up our sleeves! Feel free to check out our other two big features in the Express newspaper below or read our individual blogs on them here and here:

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