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More Great PR: Yet Another TWO Daily Express Articles For Us This Week Alone...

Well, for The Express Newspaper, we remain in pole-position as their go-to diamond experts and we have been delighted to offer our expert insight to them for two articles in just the last few days alone - that's five major articles that we've worked closely on with their editorial team in just the last few months! We're fascinated by diamonds so, given the fact that the Royals have more of them to go around than most (including even us) then, as the leading UK diamantaires, We Love Diamonds are always happy to provide our opinion and insight on everything diamond related. You can read both articles in full below or you can visit The Express Newspaper here for our fabulous article on the iconic meaning behind Princess Diana's engagement ring or here for our great piece on Prince Harry's noteworthy gesture to Prince William regarding his mother's exquisite engagement ring. Enjoy both articles and let us know what you think! Article One

Article Two

We're of course really pleased to be regularly working with national media like The Express (and many others) and getting all the tremendous exposure and recognition for our business that we do but at the end of the day, we always say "without you they're just diamonds" so the people we most enjoy working with are all our valued customers. For all the team here, the biggest takeaway from the media acclaim we regularly enjoy is the consistent validation We Love Diamonds receives as the pre-eminent contemporary diamond experts. You can certainly expect to see a lot more coverage on us over the coming weeks and months across various media outlets as our brand goes from strength to strength... You can read all our other previous Express articles on separate posts here in our blog.

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