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Submit the form below by midnight on the 30th April 2024 (UST) for the chance to win a £10,000 Gift Card from We Love Diamonds. The lucky winner will receive their prize on or before Coronation Bank Holiday on the 8th May 2024 and everyone who enters will receive an exclusive voucher code on the next page!

Please note that to qualify to enter and win you must, (a) submit the form below, (b) have followed us on Instagram or Facebook or subscribed to us on our YouTube Channel, (c) liked the post you saw and (d) tagged 2 or more of your friends into the post (if you saw us on YouTube just share the channel onto your other social media & tag in 2 friends there).

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Terms & Conditions For The We Love Diamonds Free £10,000 Gift Card Prize Draw

  • No purchase is necessary. This is a completely free to enter and exclusive prize draw from We Love Diamonds

  • To qualify to enter this free prize draw you must follow our Instagram or Facebook and/or subscribe to our YouTube channel plus you must submit your name, correct email and country into the form above (plus confirm your acceptance of our terms & conditions and your opt-in status along with the other checkboxes). You must also have liked the post you saw and tagged 2 or more of your friends into the post, video, story or reel (or, if you are on YouTube, share our channel onto your other social media and tag in 2 friends there). If you have not already done so then please do so now either using the social media icons found at the top and bottom of this page or by following us on Instagram here, following & liking us on Facebook here or subscribing to our YouTube Channel here. Don't forget to like the post, video, story or reel and to tag 2 or more of your friends in to qualify to enter!

  • This We Love Diamonds £10,000 Gift Card Free Prize Draw closes at midnight on the 30th April 2024 (UST). No entries submitted after that time/date will qualify

  • The winner will be selected by us, completely at random, on or before the end of business on the 2nd May 2024 and it is likely that this will be filmed/livestreamed

  • The winner will then be notified by email directly by We Love Diamonds within 24 hours. Should we be unable to reach the winner by email (after reasonable attempts are made by us to do so by us) an alternative winner will then be drawn and notified within a further 24 hours thereafter. Please therefore be doubly sure you have entered the correct email in the form above. We Love Diamonds will not accept responsibility if any of the contact details provided by you are incomplete or inaccurate and/or if you have not fulfilled all of the (very simple and easy) conditions of entry

  • The winner will receive their £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card on or before the 8th May  2024 which in the UK is Coronation Bank Holiday (and hopefully earlier depending on our ability to reach the lucky winner & once all the appropriate checks have been made as to the validity of the entry such as evidencing that you did follow us, you did like the post and that you did share it with 2 or more of your friends)

  • The £10k prize will be supplied in the form of an exclusive £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card which may be used to purchase any of the luxury, natural diamond jewellery in our webstore here

  • Once received, the winner of the £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card will then have up to 12 months to spend their balance. There is no obligation for the winner to do so in a single purchase & the complexion of their purchase(s) will be at their own discretion

  • If the lucky winner’s purchase / checkout basket is above £10,000 or if any purchase takes them over their remaining gift card balance then they would simply pay any difference that is due

  • The figure of £10,000 is, where relevant, already inclusive of VAT and the prices of all products on our webstore are already inclusive of any taxes like VAT and represent the retail value of our goods (although their true value is of course much higher since all of our luxury diamond jewellery is sold at way below market value and the true, higher value is always provided on the free valuation certificate sent that is sent with all purchases) 

  • Winners must be over 18 and in entering this free prize draw you confirm that you are eligible to do so and eligible to claim the prize should you win

  • While there is no geographical restriction on entering this free prize draw there are a very small number of territories where, for reasons completely beyond our control (such as UK government sanctions having been applied), our luxury, natural diamond jewellery cannot legally be sold and/or sent to from the UK. This will render any entries from those limited locations invalid and an alternative winner would have to be selected (which is why we ask for your country in the form above). Over recent years this (very small) list of countries has included Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Burma (Myanmar), China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Republic of Guinea (Conakry), Guinea- Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Russia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine (Crimea/Sebastopol) and Zimbabwe

  • You do not have to opt-in and give us your consent to email you with any future marketing communication to enter this free £10,000 prize draw (but you can quickly and easily opt-out of communication at any time anyway should you indeed choose to do). The lucky winner of the £10,000 Gift Card will be notified by email regardless of their opt-in status and the £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card will also be sent by email (since neither such emails constitute a marketing email). We recommend you do opt-in to our very infrequent marketing communication since we do send out a variety of other special offers, exclusive discounts, free prize draws, deals, rewards etc.)

  • You can register for this free prize draw without submitting the online form above by writing to us at WLD / TJW, 10 Tulketh Street, Southport PR8 1AQ United Kingdom with your name, email & postal address

  • The prize of a free £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card is not transferable and no alternative prizes are available. No cash alternatives will be offered or entertained. Since any purchases made using the £10,000 Free Gift Card fall outside of the UK Distance Selling Regulations, for example, and because the items provided are effectively free then returns of any items purchased using the £10,000 Gift Card may only be done in line with our Warranty (which covers you for manufacturing defects etc.) so, slightly different to our normal terms and conditions of business listed here in that regard, we will not accept exchanges for any purchases where you have simply changed your mind, for example. The only exception to this would and will be if you have used the £10k Gift Card as a contribution towards a higher value basket/purchase and subsequently paid the difference in which case our standard terms would apply

  • The free £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card may not be combined with any discount or voucher codes which are available on our website or elsewhere from time-to-time and it may not be combined with any other offers or promotions we or our partners run either now or in the future

  • We will of course carefully check that the randomly select winner has fulfilled all the entry requirements of this prize draw. Winners may be asked, if relevant, to prove that they indeed followed/liked us and/or subscribed to us on Facebook, Instagram and/or YouTube, that they liked the original post, video, reel or story and that they shared it with two or more friends since these along with submission of the form above are about the only conditions of entry to this free prize draw

  • The winner agrees to the use of at least his/her/their first name, their country of residence and their image by us for any future publicity material. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current UK data protection legislation and GDPR requirements and will not be disclosed to any third party without the entrant’s express prior consent. You can see our standard Privacy Policy here

  • Details of the winner will be available, upon written request, for a period of 4 weeks after the free prize draw is made plus, given the obvious commercial reasoning behind this free £10k giveaway, it is highly likely that the lucky winner will feature in our social media and promotional content anyway

  • Only one prize draw entry per person is allowed and we will not accept entries found to be from competitors in the diamond jewellery trade or from our employees or business partners. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants that we find or legitimately suspect to be making multiple or fraudulent submissions including submissions made through the use of multiple emails and from any automated methods of cheating (for which we have measures and detection tools in place to identify). Play fair please!

  • Entrants will only be added to our email marketing subscription list if they have expressly chosen to hear about our (infrequent) offers and news in the form above by selecting "Yes". Recipients of any such emails will always be given clear and easy options to opt-out of marketing communication within any email that we may send

  • Relevant only to any potential winner from outside the UK then customs fees and import charges can vary wildly depending on the jurisdiction and these costs are completely beyond our control. For clarity and, slightly different to our normal terms and conditions of business, any costs associated with the delivery of any items that are purchased using the free We Love Diamonds £10,000 Gift Card will be the sole responsibility of the winner and We Love Diamonds will not contribute to any such (unlikely and/or minimal) costs. Again, the only exception to this would and will be if you have used the £10k Gift Card as a contribution towards a higher value basket/purchase and subsequently paid the difference in which case our standard terms & conditions in this area would apply

  • Items on our webstore are always displayed in UK Sterling and the £10,000 prize is of course in UK Sterling too. Any alternative currency you may ordinarily use should thus largely be rendered irrelevant but, for information purposes only, £10,000 sterling is approximately equivalent to €11,600 (EU), $12,625 (USA), AED 46,500 (UAE), ¥1,870,250 (JAPAN) or $19,100 (Australia)

  • We envisage that it is possible that a winner may wish to transfer/give their £10,000 We Love Diamonds Gift Card to another person such as a loved one. We Love Diamonds will be happy for this to be done as long as (a) the original winner satisfied all of the conditions of entry, (b) that the name and contact details are provided to us in writing of the person the Gift Card is being transferred to, (c) that the new recipient is 18 or over and in a territory where we can legally send their diamond jewellery to and (d) that they subsequently accept all of our terms of business and the terms of this free to enter competition

  • All areas of our standard terms and conditions of business (see here), our Privacy Policy (see here) and our Cookie Policy (see here) apply to this free to enter competition where and if relevant

  • ​​Backorders (i.e. items that are bespoke and currently out of stock and for which we would have to make again) and/or the purchase of loose cut investment diamonds from us are excluded from the purchases allowed with this free £10,000 Gift Card. However, practically all of the items in our webstore here are indeed covered with this draw and free £10,000 Gift Card

  • Upon investigation and clear evidence being identified, We Love Diamonds reserves the right to immediately cancel the Gift Card and void any balance on it should we find that attempts to sell the Gift Card, either successfully or unsuccessfully, have or are being made (such as on eBay for example). The same applies to any attempts to use the Gift Card as part of any promotion or giveaway by any third party such as a prize draw like this. This is a genuine free prize draw and our sole wish is for a genuine winner to be randomly awarded the prize and to then enjoy the benefit of it. We do not wish to see it used for nefarious purposes or see our brand impacted negatively in any way and will not allow such an eventuality to occur

  • Although we cannot see this clause as being likely, outside of specific items like our initial rings and pendants (which we appreciate multiples of are often purchased for gifts), we do reserve the right to refuse or at least question multiple purchases of the same item using the free £10,000 Gift Card

  • We reserve the right to withdraw this free prize draw, extend it and/or amend or update these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to substitute the prize with another prize of equal or higher value if circumstances beyond our control make it necessary to do so (although this eventuality is highly unlikely)

  • We Love Diamonds does not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrants as a result of either participating in this free prize draw or being selected for a prize, save that We Love Diamonds does not exclude its liability for death or personal injury as a result of its own negligence (again, highly unlikely for what is a simple free prize draw!)

  • In the event of any dispute regarding the terms & conditions, the conduct, the results and any other matters whatsoever relating to this free prize draw then the decision of We Love Diamonds regarding any aspect shall be absolutely final and binding. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into

Please call, email or write to us using the contact us details at the bottom of this page or here if you have any questions about any of these terms and conditions or indeed any other matter.

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