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The Top 10 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends For 2024…

Updated: Jan 10

We Love Diamonds Get Engaged Engagement Ring Trends 2024

Buying a diamond engagement ring should be a really big deal. Not only is it something you’ll (hopefully) only do once in your lifetime but the pressure will be on for you to get it right - especially if you’re the one buying the ring without your prospective partner getting to see/choose it before you pop the question! Whether you're picking the ring yourself or you're doing it together, we wanted to give you a heads up on the top ten latest diamond engagement ring trends for 2024 before you make your final decision on buying the perfect natural diamond engagement ring. Diamond Engagement Rings - The Basics

We Love Diamonds Expert Luxury Natural Diamond Jewellery Buying Guide

Before we even come onto the top diamond engagement ring trends for you to consider in 2024 then there are certain basics for you to consider. First, you should want a real natural diamond and not a lab-grown fake (see our blog on this here) since a fake imitation diamond hardly screams romantic. You will also wish to intelligently blend the “Four C’s” which are “Colour”, “Cut”, “Clarity” and “Carat” when choosing the ring. Actually, at We Love Diamonds, we say the “Five C’s” because “Certification” is also very important and all our diamonds are GIA graded (plus all our luxury diamond jewellery comes with a free valuation certificate for its true minimum RRP which is always a lot more than what you have to pay with us as all our diamond jewellery is sold at trade prices).

You’ll want to balance all these elements to fit your budget. You can learn more about what to consider when buying diamond jewellery in our free diamond buying guide here. You can also learn more about what a natural diamond even is here. It may seem obvious but it's a lot more fascinating than you may already think! Your partners personal sensibilities are important when it comes to the overall style and complexion of the actual ring and its design. They may want something more contemporary than anything traditional for example and they may prefer white gold or platinum over yellow gold or rose gold or prefer something like the regal charm of a marquise cut or an oval cut diamond over a round brilliant cut diamond (for example). If you’re in any doubt as to which way to go with your choice, you can always contact us here or call us on 0800 987 7100 for free help and advice. Our expert team are always happy to help without any obligation or pressure. So let's now take a look at the Top 10 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends For 2024. In no particular order: (1) Modern Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds natural 1.24 carat pear cut halo diamond ring on solid platinum

Modern vintage is definitely really on-trend right now not just in diamond jewellery but across fashion, furniture and other areas. However, unless you’re lucky enough to have been gifted a diamond engagement ring as an heirloom or you’re buying an antique piece from a specialist retailer, remember that a diamond engagement ring doesn’t have to actually be vintage to look vintage. Nor does it preclude blending the traditional with the contemporary. Certain diamond cuts exude a vintage look by design anyway (such as pear cut, cushion cut and oval cut).

Due to demand, We Love Diamonds are always designing and crafting vintage looking pieces which we often compliment with more contemporary components like shank design, gallery rail, shoulders etc. A good example of this trend is the absolutely exquisite 1.24 carat pear cut diamond ring with a halo setting show above which is presented on solid platinum. You can inspect that piece now in our shop here. This ring perfectly blends the vintage feel of a pear cut diamond with a very modern look and feel.

We Love Diamonds 0.50 carat brilliant round cut pear shaped diamond constellation ring

We've seen huge demand for our 0.50 carat brilliant round cut pear shaped diamond constellation ring on 9 carat white gold shown here and priced at £700 (versus our usual retail price of £1,600) - it's been one of our best-sellers over the last few months. Another highly sought-after piece is our 2.19 carat baguette & round brilliant cut rectangular diamond cluster ring seen here on 9 carat white gold and priced at just £2,500 (well down on our own already low RRP of £3,200). It has the look and feel of a vintage Asscher Cut diamond ring with a modern twist. (2) Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds: 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

You may know that three stone diamond rings have been enjoying an enormous renaissance in the last few years. However, with styles often being cyclical, they’re certainly not a new design by any stretch of the imagination. The three stones in these type of diamond engagement rings (or at least the three feature stones if complimented by other smaller stones) are intended to represent the past, the present and the future. One of our favourite sayings at HQ is that "today’s a gift which is why it's called the present..."

We Love Diamonds 5.00 Carat Natural Diamond Ring On Platinum With Five Feature Stones

Of course, you’re not limited to just 3 feature stones and different numbers of stones will have different meanings to different people. Any number in your mind can be telegraphed with the right engagement ring and we find our own clients are obsessed by character and sophistication over conventionality. A good customer of ours recently bought this beautiful five feature stone, 5 carat diamond ring set on platinum. This lovely couple have 3 children and wanted to say it with diamonds in their choice of ring. See more of this stunning ring in our online store here. (3) White Gold & Platinum Engagement Ring Bands

We Love Diamonds 3.04 Carat Heart Cut HVS1 Diamond Ring On Solid Platinum

Throughout 2023, we've seen how white gold and platinum bands have remained the go-to choices over yellow and rose gold among our global clients. We certainly predict this strong trend will continue throughout 2024 as the most popular engagement ring choices. White gold does require a little more care due to its rhodium plating but it does make white diamonds in particular really stand out (as does platinum). Although a little more expensive than white gold, platinum remains an excellent choice for engagement rings for several reasons...

Firstly, platinum is denser than gold and that additional weight helps endow the lucky recipient with a more luxurious, hefty feel than gold. Secondly, platinum requires much less maintenance compared to white gold. Even without maintenance, it will develop a patina finish (over time) which will give it the look of an antique/vintage ring as discussed previously and that is of course a trend in itself. For those with allergies or reactions to white gold, it's worth noting that virtually nobody is allergic to platinum (except the likes of Pandora it seems who seemingly only ever use cheap plated metals or silver which although lovely is practically worthless - they never use platinum). Finally, if platinum is scratched then, unlike gold which typically gets lost when scratched, platinum essentially only ever gets transferred from one part of the ring to another and none is ever lost so platinum does offer outstanding integrity, elegance and utilitarianism.

We Love Diamonds 0.70 Carat GSI2 GIA Certified Oval Cut Diamond Ring On Platinum

Here's a stunning example of one of our favourite platinum engagement rings - a 0.50 carat oval cut, G colour SI2 clarity, GIA Certified diamond ring underpinned by a further 0.20 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds on the shoulders and centrepiece to deliver a total of 0.70 carats. This stunning diamond engagement ring is set on fully UK Hallmarked solid platinum and obviously comes with a full GIA Report & Certification. Priced at just £2,800 versus our own RPP of £3,950 (dramatically less than alternatives elsewhere) you can see more here.

(4) Toi Et Moi Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds Toi Et Moi Diamond Engagement Rings - Machine Gun Kelly proposing to Megan Fox

"Machine Gun Kelly" proposed to Megan Fox fairly recently with a “toi et moi” style engagement ring. Literally translated this means “you and me” and, in terms of diamond rings, it refers to the growingly popular and romantic trend of two stones set side-by-side on the shank/band. This design concept is symbolic and is intended to represent two people coming together.

While this design isn’t anything particularly new (it’s claimed that this design goes way back to the eighteenth century when Napoleon proposed to Josephine with one), they do have a very contemporary look and feel and we definitely get a lot of interest in them with our own customers.

We Love Diamonds Jackie Kennedy Engagement Ring Toi Et Moi

One of our own favourite rings was Jackie Kennedy's iconic toi et moi engagement ring. Wife of JFK, the First Lady sported a type of toi et moi ring from Van Cleef & Arples (who we discussed in our recent Hello! Magazine feature here) comprised of a 2.88 carat emerald cut diamond and a 2.84 carat emerald. In1961, she then added marquise cut diamonds to it.

We Love Diamonds 0.40 Carat Round Cut Double Cluster On 9 Carat White Gold Ring Toi Et Moi

Asscher cut, pear cut and emerald cut diamonds are all very popular cuts for toi et moi ring designs but one thing to stress is that the diamonds (which are usually set side-by-side) don’t have to be single stones as they often feature pavé shanks and/or multiple stones on each side. We Love Diamonds offer a beautiful diamond constellation ring (featuring many diamonds) which are all presented in the classic toi et moi style. You can see/buy this ring here and do so for a lot less than you may think - it's selling at just £600 versus our usual £1,500 retail price. Please remember that for most of our luxury natural diamond jewellery you can buy now and pay later in interest-free instalments at checkout using Clearpay, Klarna or PayPal. You can learn more about all these providers here. (5) Art Deco Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds Art Deco Inspired 2.19 Carat Baguette & Round Cut Diamond Ring On 9 Carat White Gold

Art Deco is something that has never gone out of fashion. Unsurprisingly, it remains a big trend among our engagement ring buyers worldwide. However, there’s definitely been a significant upshift throughout 2023 in their popularity at We Love Diamonds. Customers love our bold, geometric designs and, consequently, baguette diamonds continue to feature heavily in our collection. Our delightful 2.19 carat baguette and brilliant round cut diamond cluster ring, as seen in this image, can be found in our store here and it certainly is art-deco inspired.

We Love Diamonds Art Deco 0.60 Carat Diamond Constellation Ring On 9 Carat White Gold

Another art-deco inspired piece of luxury diamond jewellery in our collection is this incredible 0.60 carat baguette and brilliant round cut diamond constellation ring seen here. This ring features round brilliant cut diamonds cascading down the knuckle on each side of the rings shank to add a contemporary touch to the overall art deco design of the centrepiece. It's available to purchase for just £750 instead of our already unbeatable £1,800 retail price. Once again, you can pay in interest-free instalments at checkout via Clearpay, Klarna or PayPal.

(6) Wishbone & Stackable Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds Stackable 1.00 Ct HVS1 Round Cut Diamond Wishbone Ring On 18 Carat Yellow Gold

Wishbone rings (and "stackable rings" in general) are a super-hot trend right now! One of the great things about wishbone diamond engagements rings is how they can later compliment and sit perfectly with a future wedding ring (for example) due to their stackable, versatile design. This is something you may wish to consider to futureproof your engagement ring so it can later be worn next to a wedding ring without compromise or the need to later adapt it. Here is a perfect example of a wishbone ring and can be found in our webstore here for just £2,500.

We Love Diamonds 1.00 Carat Oval Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring Plus 0.50 Carats Of White Pear Cut Natural Diamonds

Incidentally, as highlighted in the yellow gold in our piece above (feel free to see more of our luxury natural diamond jewellery on yellow or rose gold here), it's worth noting in terms of trends that a flash of colour on any natural diamond diamond ring is still alluring despite the current penchant for white gold and platinum. A flash of colour doesn't have to be limited to the gold - it can also be reflected in the diamonds colour so here's a perfect example of an exquisite fancy yellow, 1.50 carat oval cut diamond ring in our collection here priced at a remarkable £5.5k.

(7) Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds 1.00 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 18 Carat White Gold

Like the yellow diamond above, oval cut diamonds are a feminine, eternal and red-hot purchase trend in 2024. They're one of our own favourite cuts as they’re not just incredibly beautiful but they offer lots of versatility when it comes to design. We adore our scintillating 1.0 carat oval cut diamond engagement ring in our webstore here (which is, unusually, set north to south on beautiful 18 carat white gold). A big benefit of oval cut diamonds is that they offer the illusion the wearer has long and elegant fingers (same as a marquise cut diamond like this piece here.

(8) Big & Bold Diamond Engagement Rings Vs Classic Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds Big Bold Bling 3.02 Carat Baguette & Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring On 9 Carat White Gold

More is more and while petite, dainty and classically traditional diamond rings remain the prevailing choice for engagement rings, the market for over-the-top, blingy, tactile, and more masculine styled designs that make a bold statement are definitely on the rise. A current favourite in our collection is this remarkable 3.02 carat baguette and brilliant round diamond constellation ring seen in our shop here priced at only £5,950 (down from our already low RRP of £10,975). Given this big, bling trend then for some people it's the perfect engagement ring.

Diametrically, it remains a simple fact that simple solitaire settings will probably always remain the go-to choice due to their inescapable, elegant, timeless aesthetic and universal appeal - an appeal which has always straddled the decades and has consistently cut through all other more transient trends.

We Love Diamonds 2.28 Carat, HVS2, 6 Claw Tulip Set Natural Diamond Solitaire Ring Set On Solid Platinum

Often we will play around with the simple design of a solitaire setting to uplift it to something much more extravagant. Here's a great example of an exceptional H colour, VS2 clarity, brilliant round cut diamond ring of ours designed with a 6 claw, tulip setting and featuring a glorious 2.03 carat centre stone plus a further 0.25 carats of shoulder diamonds all presented on solid platinum. This really is a steal at just £11,000 and is well down from our already super-competitive RRP trade price of £15,000. Enjoy more of this beautiful piece here.

We Love Diamonds 0.75 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring On 18 Carat White Gold

While more is indeed more, less is also more sometimes! Minimalist designs are still très à la mode in 2024. For us, minimalism is where the stone is the star of the show and the rings design is dialled down to ensure the diamond shines in its own right. We always see demand for plain and thin bands with no pavé diamonds and a simple setting of a single stone centrepiece like this 0.75 carat natural diamond engagement ring on 18 carat white gold here. Carat size does tend to count in this regard however so think of at least 0.75 carats or more as a starting point...

(9) Gender Neutral Diamond Engagement Rings

We Love Diamonds 2.10 Carat Baguette & Round Brilliant Cut Natural Diamond Ring On Solid Platinum (Gender Neutral)

What's been more and more apparent during 2023 with We Love Diamonds customers is a big shift towards simpler and more understated rings that are neither masculine nor feminine in their visual complexion. Our spectacular 2.1 carat baguette and brilliant round cut diamond ring on solid platinum for example is often cited by our clients as a very good exemplar of a gender neutral ring design and you can appraise it here in our webstore. Another good example is one of our channel set half eternity diamond rings that shown in our shop here. (10) Diamond Engagement Rings With Added-Value Detailing

We Love Diamonds 2.00 carat G colour, VS1 clarity chandelier cluster diamond ring on 18 carat white gold

Naturally, we sell many elaborate and fancy rings such as this glorious 2.00 carat G colour, VS1 clarity chandelier cluster diamond ring on 18 carat white gold (see more of this piece in our webshop here) but we find that hidden detail rings are offering extra special meaning to the recipient and many of our customers now want to add something more personal like an engraving inside or outside the band (or even a hidden diamond with a private message - see an example here). The extra detail on a ring can elevate your special purchase to another level.

Oh By The Way - Size Matters...

We Love Diamonds Free Jewellery Sizing Guide

Before we go, one critical thing you probably shouldn’t forget when buying any diamond engagement ring is the ring size you need! If you don’t already know what your partners ring size is then you can get our free jewellery sizing guide here for practical top tips on how to identify your partners ring size (or even your own ring size) without them even knowing! We Love Diamonds offer a completely free ring re-sizing service anyway so even if you don’t know the ring size when you're buying a ring from us you can simply choose “unknown” at checkout and we’ll send you the ring in a standard size along with a free sizing guide/template for you to use to get it right. We’ll then quickly re-size it for you later. We hope you enjoyed our blog and that you do indeed find your perfect diamond engagement ring (and obviously that the love of your life says yes when you ask them to marry you). If you have any questions or need any guidance then please do just reach out to us as we’re always happy to help with expert guidance from our team who are all professional diamantaires and never commissioned salespeople who know little or nothing about luxury natural diamond jewellery. Don't ever forget - without you, they’re just diamonds…

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